Our Story


The Demure by ‘Denike brand was born in 2016, from a place of love for the dying traditional art that is African textiles like Adire, Asooke, Ukara etc.
Each piece is created with our love for tradition, which is juxtaposed with the unconventionality of our Creative Director, to create her idea of an everyday stylish African woman.
Although fabrics are sourced from all over Africa, all garments are made in Nigeria, and this guarantees a profound care in every seam. All our garments are ethically produced, with hand-dyeing processes, and a personal relationship with everyone who makes your clothes.
We are also very passionate about training and working with artisans in local communities, with a strong aim of empowering women.

Designer Bio

Born in Lagos, Nigeria in the early 90’s, Adenike Adegboye discovered her love for fashion in secondary school, when she took a sewing class during a long holiday, and she has not looked back since. After a Bachelor’s degree in History and International Relations, she embarked on a journey to Milan, Italy to hone her craft in fashion. This has come to reflect in her cuts and designs, even though she sticks to using majorly traditional African textiles.
She has been shortlisted for 2018 LFDW Fashion Focus program and is looking to explore other forms of design like jewelry making and accessories.

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